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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  July 27, 2009 8:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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they were spinning up against to avoid long term injury seek immediate medical help the edge and headed back toward for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. the foul line. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision look at this. stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. that's a spin on it. right here comes back into fair territory. (announcer) 36-hour cialis. or cialis for daily use. nick could have had it at first ask your doctor about cialis today, base. so when the moment is right, you can be ready. one ball two strikes. fast ball right there. and that's what the fast ball only about 88 can do if you throw that off speed pitch as often as he does. 
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 >> gary: there you see nola reimold as the orioles have tied the game at three. here's the play. >> buck: throw of the outside of the bag. liquid at pena. didn't have enough room to go around the catcher. >> gary: the out recorded at the plate. and a 3 will have 3 ball game. reimold took a pretty good sock to the jaw with the glove of pena. he dove at him in order to get the out. al we ares has come on to do to pitching. he's not, sorry. i thought he was out there. brian stayed on. swung on, grounded to right for a base hit.
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>> buck: he's had two base hits and a walk here tonight, also threw in a stolen base for good measure. >> gary: bass came on in the third inning, got the final two outs, so he's working on his third complete inning here. the throw almost gets away from huff. gordon on, betancourt up. albers may get in this inning, warming up in the bull pen. play is to first, got the bag. made huff do a couple dances  >> gary: this fast ball is over there. it will be a sacrifice for
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taken up high. bass delivers betancourt. >> buck: he says, just try and throw it in my chest, would you? throws this almost away from the fast ball, taken inside. huff who has time to regroup. pulls him off the bag. kansas city with just sea road huff has to retag the bag. wins, one less than the easterly. two teams who have struggled more than any others in road >> gary: gordon is on at second games this year. there's airstrike on the inside base. at least one runner on in every corner, 2-1. inning for kansas city. one of the walks surrounded as hill gave up three. 1-0 delivery fast ball inside. butler's got two rbis with a double and single. orioles have two railroad from
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hit by a pitch. 2 will have 0 >> buck: last year hay hit more, drove in more. on the way. not in time. jones has done his parer as has >> buck: that was lobbed to roberts, not really a sharp markakis. >> gary: the 3-2, slow chop feed. ye could have taken the ball, might not have had a good chopper. not going to get him. on it. he's got to for it. melvin down on the grass. by that time gordon is back he was very dope at third base. safely at secodbase bullet already is going to get his third hit of the game. if he fires a strong throw at roberts, it might take him rite to the bag. >> buck: no chance for melvin >> gary: trembley is on his way on this play. it's a half steptoe late at first and butler is three for out. callaspo will be at the plate. albers is going to come out of the bupen. three. >> gary: butt her gets his sixth three-hit ball game of the season.
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he's on leading off the third good job. some hits but no runs, orioles inning. three out of the five innings kansas city has gotten a tie it 3-3  leadoff man on base. now a chopper, play at first, and a nice play by huff. bass threw that one into terra firma. >> he knows he's only going to get one out. he have bounces the ball to huff. huff just hangs on to the ball, does a great job there. when you expect it in the chest
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happen get it and your seize. >> gary: break for the orioles there because butt her now in second, walked and lined out. olivo takes the cut and misses. he's coming in with 26 rbis against the orioles. he's gone 1 for 9 where a homer ambassador three runs batted in this year. it's been a night for the home plate umpire. a lot of people are looking at him and not inviting him out to dinner. the 0-2, wieters as we've seen him do so often, stand up.
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1-2.  >> buck: trembley is going fresh arm here with a runner in that one to right field as scoring position and two outs. markakis is coming and got it. good play. nick markakis on the diving >> gary: left-handers have hit albers hard, .313, right- catch, the first base umpire going out to make the call. handers .244. only hem run he surrounded a >> buck: he made a catch like this in boston over the left-hander has it. weekend. the breaking ball is in there. watch how he slips the glove turned baseball and slides past if glove for the out. it's a tough play coming straight in. gordon at second, held by you lose perspective of how long it's going to hang up there izturis. the 0-1 is looped off the bat for the left center field. no runs, no hits, ball game is . >> gary: here is pena, flied tied at 3. hey mom i need some minutes. out and grounded out. i just gave you some at the restaurant.
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competition. ground ball to second, and freel is retired. no runs on one hit, no errors, big defensive play helping bass out in the inning as mark hauled that one in on olivo. royals up by one. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation.
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or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.  >> gary: tejeda, ball game at three. chen leaves without a chance to win his first game. walked two and struck out a season high six. it is a tie game. that will be into right field for a base hit.
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the leadoff man is on again here for the orioles. >> buck: turn your lineup over and of course he's 9 for 9 this  >> gary: well see if the year the stolen bases. orioles bats can get back >> gary: tejeda has spent time against chen as jones will lead it off. adam had a home run in the ball game in his first at bat, his on the dl. 15th of the year, also an rbi he had a rotator cuff problem. when he was hit by a pitch. that one is out in front of hasn't worked since the 21st. had a walk and three strikeouts him. jones having a quality season, in that game. the all-star game no fluke. struck out the side the first that home run part of the power inning, couldn't get anybody he's displayed an and gotten after that. the throw and got him. better at it as the season's gone on. breaking ball taken inside. ryan pena with a solid throw on izturis, one down. >> buck: first time he's been
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caught all yearlong. betancourt just has to hang on and lean into the sliding >> buck: when you look at adam izturis as he's gunned down for jones and how he's grown, it's the first time this year. easy to project growth for >> gary: so that is a very big wieters and even reimold, to out. rockets 0 for 3 in the game say, we're going to have young position play, to go along with batting right-handed, gets to turn around here this at bat. what we expect to be a good there's some of the defense that kansas city hasn't had young pitching that have adventure the 1-2 and chen gets much of this season coming from him. he's got six strikeouts in this their catcher, pena. game, including two in a row. 1-1 on the way, roberts will markakis the last inning and jones here. >> buck: he's used hazard fast ball very effectively. take that for aspheric too. watch where this ball is when it passes over jones' bat. it's back over the plate. >> buck: get the leadoff guy on you have to extend and hit the here, pena threw a perfect to ball in front of the plate. second. >> gary: swung on and missed. some of the things managers love to do is get a pitcher
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>> gary: six strikeouts this like tejeda after a pitcher like chen. chen with all the overspread year his high, career high nine breaking stuff and a guy with a back in 2000. huff will foul that one off. fast ball looks doubly fast to bruce chen has not had a win at the hitters, at least the first the major league level since 2005. time around. he's 0-5 copping into this ball >> gary: there are two down: game. 1-1 to huff. aubrey rips it to right for a base hit. he's 2 for 3 in the game with a markakis walked and struck out twice. it's in there. and got him. couple singles. good play. a little defense out there and this telecast preferentialed by the orioles retired, nobody not of the orioles and may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form and accounts or left on. ball game is tied drips of this game may not be ♪ disseminated without the express written consent of the orioles. the orioles trying to get chen by the light of the moon out of
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there. beautiful night. one down, here's reimold. reimold single and a walk in the ball game. we'll take the fast ball for a strike. >> buck: i don't care who you are, if you can maintained a fast ball in the zone, you can pitch in the big leagues. it's all about fast ball command. >> gary: there's a base hit for reimold. he's 2 for 2 and a walk if the game. >> buck: rifle is a ballplayer. ♪ tell me who's watching. he plays well on the field, can ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. steal bases, a good hitter and comes to the ballpark auction for an opportunity. that was pretty well around his ankles and he rips it into left. he's on fire right now. >> gary: he is.
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warmup action in the bull pen again. scott is due, two hits in his last 25 at bats. still with 18 home runs and 53 rbis, two on and one out. and there will be no play on that, back into the seats. >> buck: huff with a couple hits tonight just get a feel it's coming soon for scott. >> buck: you say, he's going to have a big year. but the guys go year in and year out with that. >> gary: looking for the force.
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chen with two on. there's the 0-1 delivery on the way. last year scott hit only .215 against left-handers. this season he's up to .301 that's a dramatic approval.  >> gary: in one is a tight >> buck: it is. into the seventh inning. >> gary: 1-1, it will miss. 1-1 on the way, butler will ahead of the count, 2-1. bounce it foul. >> buck: another thing is the way scott hazarded being a dh. >> buck: matt was waiting just in case it hit a rock and come reluctant to be a dh full-time. he wanted to get the playing back into fair territory. type isn't the outfield. it was teetering only foul but with the promotion of reimold, scott has been pretty line. >> gary: kansas city is much the everyday dh all desperately trying to win and yearlong. >> gary: it's been an not guilty been able to do it interesting not much talked about development over the as they've been roughed up for course of this year scott originally was going to share
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27 earned runs, 26 innings late duties in left field. in ball games. that one in, what a night for the 2-1 reached for, good pitch butler. markakis all the way to the by chen. infield fly rule is in effect. wall. gordon will make the catch. butler at second base with scott is retired and there are another double. that is a four-hit ball game two away. chen trying to work a little including two doubles, this one more of his magic. mora with leading off the seventh inning. >> buck: we're seeing the development of a good young two down. hitter. is hitter can see only melvin has singled, stolen a base and scored a run. ball, identifies it and extend he stored in the second inning. over the plate and drives it to the other one came on the jones the opposite power alley in home run. right center. and the pitch is taken for a >> gary: now the potential go ahead run on. strike. the oriole all season long as a team with runners in the teahen fouls out. scoring position is the a top he's 1 for 3. of the file, still hitting .29 will. the four hits tonight for butt
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of late the numbers were not her, he's now 9 for 22 against particularly good. >> buck: they were having trouble scoring runs. orioles the orioles with six rbis. butler has become a nemesis for with two outs as a team, hitting only .229 with runners in scoring position. the pitchers. teahen going to third, one 0-1 to mora. down. >> buck: you get a sense he >> buck: teahen hit it hard but qualifies for a win. it was right at mora. the oriole can't advance the base runner. >> gary: now olivo, hitting on the .173 with runners in >> gary: he's pitched as much as six and a third when he was called up by kansas city. scoring position. in this game he's 0 for 2 with a walk.
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and that's over to butt her, 1-1. pena says i'm not coming out there. chen goes back to the mound. two down. >> buck: there's the difference in a productive out. he signaled him. he said, no. you're on your own. good relationship going on >> gary: so ryan freel will be asked to pick up the two-out there rbi. wieters getting thing >> buck: bruce chen is a very settlemented with albers on what they want to do here. good outgoing guy, speaks chinese, spanish and english, tremendous student, went to three wild pitches. georgia tech, student with a very interesting background. grew up in panama. you can bet the discussion at third base is all about that. >> gary: 1-1 on the way. 2-1 to mora. two down, pena taking it down low for a ball.
8:50 pm
pena has picked up an >> gary: both teams have had intentional pass that worked in the fifth inning. he's 0 for 2 in the game. runners on. such. the pitch is down low 2-0. >> buck: you have to be aware >> buck: the orioles hoping for of the situation. a big hit. you have freel on deck. they haven't had one of those big his that blows an inning wide open or back to back hits in an inning. >> gary: big cut. it's been a difficult time to scratch runs out. >> gary: melvin's had only pena going for the long ball three home runs this year, all hits here at the yards. here, 2-1. >> buck: there are left-handers the 2-2. he hit him. on the bench if he'd like to the bases are loaded again. pinch hit. second hit batter by chen.
8:51 pm
>> buck: that just barely >> gary: this has been a flight brushed his jersey, way inside of offense. orioles have had just two off the plate. innings without leaving a base it got the jersey. runner on and only one where they've been retired in order. kansas city has had at least one base runner in every >> gary: melvin was going to stay in there and hit but the inning. punishment her here with the 2- ump said, no. 2 delivery. looped into the seats, foul and that's a base hit to left. ball again. huff will score, reimold coming, the tag and he's got the ball and the out. so it will be an rbi base hit for wieters getting huff in. reimold coming around trying to score gets thrown out by ryan freel. look at all the time he had, >> gary: pena ready, slow throw everyone off the mark, had to come back and touch him roller. mora has the make it and can't up. tie game. (announcer) take your time to find the right time do it. it's an infield hit and rbi for pena as butler crosses with the go ahead run for three.
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>> buck: that ball was tapped up to third base. pena is ready, flatout outrun you. god hustle up the line. >> gary: 7th rbi in the 27th game he's played in. he goes on the belly to first. a clinically proven, low-dose tablet for erectile dysfunction you take every day so again in a game where the lead see-sawed back and forth, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. kansas city goes on top by one tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications for three. that's their tenth hit. and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, jammed inside, freel 0 for 3. as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. first at bat denied a posh don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, potential hit on play by upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. roberts into right field. freel shows bunt for the base
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hit. no play here either. freel is on with a single, laying that one down. kansas city more than willing to play the small ball here and getting base runners as a result of it. >> buck: they have to play the small ball. this have now power. baez getting loose in a hurry. i'm sure albers and wieters are going alternatives in how to approach this at bat. >> gary: the rbi by pena was an infield hit and now the bunt by
8:54 pm
freel for another infield hit, that's 11 hilts in the game by the royals. two on and two down, alex gordon is hitting in the number 8 spot. he is not a number eight type hitter. he's got some power. coming back off the dl, he'll take a breaking ball for the strike. two singles and a walk in the game. he has a five-game streak extended tonight. 0-1 off speed, changeup will police outside. 1-1. orioles had the early lead, got up 2-1, went up 3-2, then 3-3 and now another run in
8:55 pm
with the royals back on top by one. >> buck: gordon has only had 40 at bats since his return. he is still playing catchup. that's nortena spring training's worth of at bats. he's missed so much time with that injury. >> gary: they're trying the play him, giving him two days off a week till they feel as though he's closer to 100% after the hip operation. he's trying to figure out where he's at physically when it comes to game conditions. gordon takes that down the line. >> buck: if you're wondering why there's been a rash of hip injuries, utley, rodriguez,
8:56 pm
grow din, it's just the improved diagnostic technique of the mri. they now can look duper into the hip joint. in the past, they said you've got an arthritic hip. >> gary: it's a roller, izturis has the go ahead to first base and gets it there. a run in and kansas city up by one. the seventh inning stretch brought to yogi jack daniels tennessee whisky. ll... all pas. each with an average speed of 590 mph... ll... all pas. almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at
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 >> gary: and we have strike one. 15169 the announced attendance here at the yards tonight. good heater there and the two- strike count. >> buck: the opposite end defense shows to me jones is really growing as a hitter, just using the whole field.
9:00 pm
>> gary: teahen has it and jones retired. a feudary is going to take place here friday, saturday and sunday. each day you could help the maryland food bank. a representative will be available at all the gates to take donations. bring in nonperishable food items or donate cash. that's to center field, back at the wall and bloomquist hauls it in. just a couple feet shy of a tie game. >> buck: he's had a couple hits tonight, hung up in the muggy air tonight. >> gary: tejeda gets a little
9:01 pm
help from the d and keep to go ball to the biggest part of yard. two down, ream up. and a strike taken. reimold two singles and a walk, thrown out at the plate in what right now is the play that is the difference in the ball game. 4-11-0 for the royals, 3-9-0 for the orioles. 0-2 now.   and gordon up, got him on a very close play.
9:02 pm
so seven complete 
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9:04 pm
 >> buck: baez trying to kee a one-run game here in the eighth. >> gary: and a strike taken as betancourt leads it off. he's 0 for 3, 0 for 2 and a sacrifice, then the top of the order. had to reach for that one, fouls it back. >> buck: baez last inning of work came friday night, easy work for baez. he's got the same biting breaking pitch he throws down in the zone. that one there, out of the
9:05 pm
strike zone. 93 miles an hour. the split finger fast ball is his bread and butter. >> gary: scoreless inning friday against the red sox. that was his last outing. markakis has it. betancourt is retired. one way here in the eighth. time to text in your vote for the player of the game. the candidates tonight, butler who's delivered a four for four ball gairnlings two rbis, jones with the home run and couple rbis, and huff who's picked audiotape couple singles and run scored. text 51862, your choice b or a or c. and batting .266, taken
9:06 pm
up high and the count goes to 2- 0 from baez. right now albers and tejeda are the pitchers of record in the ball game for these two teams in this set. 2-0 on the way. roberts over and not in time. it goes into the well, going to be an extra base. the orioles don't get a break on that one. instead of bouncing off something and staying on the surface, it goes out of play. >> buck: wieters has a chance to keep this? play. wieters gets over there but the ball goes over and he didn't get in front of the ball in time. oftentimes they take that for
9:07 pm
granted. you have to anticipate that getting away from the southboundman. >> gary: the error charged on the orioles roberts. anything made here late in the game are big runs. one down, callaspo 1 for 4 with a double and run scored, continued his nine-game winning streak and gets an rbi opportunity. the 0-1 delivery inside. izturis will keep bloomquist close as he counted runners important and a chance to shoot the ball through the shortstop hole. >> buck: you have to keep and eye on bloomquist. he's a base stealer.
9:08 pm
izturis is shadowing him at shortstop. >> gary: 1-1, baez with a couple looks back. huff has it, and there are two down. >> buck: if baez is going to be he's effective, he has to throw it down. from time to time he'll bounce it. >> there are two away. it's a base hit to right field, a five-hit ball game for billy
9:09 pm
butler and his third rbi as bloomquist will score the unearned run. it is a 5-3 kansas city lead. >> buck: obviously not where you want that pitch. first pitch fast ball right out over the plate. butler squares up on that ball right on the barrel, first pitch fast ball. what a night for butler. here is teahen. we told you beetler is having a great season against the orioles. with the five hits tonight, that's ten hits he's had against the orioles in 23 at bats. he's got eight rbis against the os in five games and his first
9:10 pm
five-hit ball game. pitch is teen down low. >> buck: 13 hits is way above the average. for butler, second five-hit game of the season, teahen with the other. >> the royal have had as many as 19 hits in the ball game. that came against texas back in april. 1-0 on the way, swung on. he's 1 for 4. base runners galore. they've scored five runs and kansas city left 10 on base. tonight the orioles have left eight on.
9:11 pm
the 1-1 on the way, picked up and it's a base hit. the pitching wedge put it right into the hole if you will by hitting third base. mora had no play and it's a single. >> buck: melvin has no pray and bounced over the head down the left field line, could have been real trouble. >> gary: kansas city not done here in the eighth inning. anything scored here is unearned. olivo has had a walk here officially runners at first and second, two down. the fast ball is high by baez.
9:12 pm
that is a whole series worth of runners in scoring position for the royal, 18. you get that in three games you're in good shape. they've had it here in one. >> buck: they've had a tough time recently, only eight runs against the rangers when they lost two out of three over the weekend. >> gary: 1-0 count and that will miss outside, 2-0 on olivo. >> buck: again, just a reminder that you can't take any club for granted, no matter who you are. if chen was able to get out of a couple nasty situations earlier too. >> gary: baez falling off the mound, count 3-0 on olivo.
9:13 pm
baez on for the 35th time this year. sherrill 41 appearances. 3-0 delivery, gets that in there for a strike. count goes to 3-1, meredith in the bull pen. again, one of those nights where rich hill -- that will be fouled away. in kansas city, coming off disappointing home stand they've had with every intent to get some wins. they went 1-8 on their home stand. that's down the line
9:14 pm
foul. >> buck: bannister has really pitched well, will pitch late into the game. >> gary: runners will go again. teahen on first, swung on an missed. so baez gets the cave on an unearned run. 5-3 royals. times the bills i used to.
9:15 pm
and they're getting in the way of things i'd like to do. with the money bar, i can move my money around instantly, so when there's more bills than usual, it's no problem. and i use the wish list to put any extra money aside for anything i want. being in control of my money feels good. introducing the virtual wallet from pnc, a high-definition, online view of your money. pnc. leading the way.
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 >> buck: rifle comes around here with a good jump, getting him out. >> gary: obviously a very big play in the ball game.
9:17 pm
a 5-3 royals lead as we go to the bottom of the eighth. robinson stays on the mound. luke scott and one away. mora an wieters due up. >> gary: this series on the season tied at two gapes amies.
9:18 pm
kansas city looking for the victory tonight. the orioles won the series last year 5 games to 3. >> buck: one thing you have to guard against is coming hope and saying, hey, it's kansas cost city. but they've slammed the door here. >> gary: he's got a chance to be the winning pitcher in this ball game. he has no decisions in the 19 times he's been out, limited by the injury that put him on the dl. one ball, one strikeout on mora. he's throwing hard.
9:19 pm
he's throwing strikes. here is the 1-1. down to third on a shattered bat, two dough down. two away in the eighth. visit to register for upcoming summer baseball camps, boys and girls with four-day programs and professional instructors, game tickets and more. gun to for information. wieters an rbi base hit. well take the strike. two of the three home runs he
9:20 pm
has are this side of the plate. away 1-1. slider inside. >> buck: it's a while before he really became a polished right- handed hitter. this year it's been totally different. there's a lot more left-handed starters in the league this year. >> gary: 2-1 on the way, wieters down the line and foul. the orioles when they faced eight in a row, a new mark. >> buck: cleveland too, they
9:21 pm
played seattle twice and they put all the left-handers in the rotation. adventure 2-2 on wieters, bases are empty. looks like one of the names out there on the trade list, the former oriole erik bedard, did he go on the dl today? he did. >> he's out of the picture. >> gary: takes another name out tejeda may be running out of gas here. he's really slowing down. trying to get through three innings here is what they want.
9:22 pm
they are really trying to nurse this along they said, how do you feel act a six-out game? he hadn't had many save efforts as of late. >> gary: 3-2 on wieters. shortstop, betancourt is there. it's a 1, 2, 3 inning. a heck of a job by tejeda. it's down in order, 8 in a row retired. meredith onto pitch. ♪
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(tucci) only at&t has the best selection of full keyboard phones. like the lg neon, just $29.99 after mail-in rebate.
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 >> buck: berken anxious for another opportunity to win his first major league game, lost eight straight decisions. >> gary: the breaking ball will be taken inside as we go to the top of the ninth inning. pena delivered the rbi single his last time up, 1 for 3 and intentional pass in the ball game for pena. strike taken. unearned run came in the eighth, charged against baez. the pitch will be taken down low. shut 2 door now, give the orioles a chance against soria
9:26 pm
coming to close it out if it stays the same situation. 2-2 on pena. >> buck: meredith side i arm as you can see. it's difficult to determine. >> gary: wieters makes the play . wieters does that very well. anything hand the plate we've seen a numb of times where he's picked a ball up just bearly fair, doesn't assume anything on those balls at the plate. the run down to first. pena retired, one away.
9:27 pm
>> buck: look at meredith's delivery. he's a side ampler. very difficult to make the adjustment here. >> gary: a very effective pitcher coming onto work once through if order because you just don't see many pitchers threw from that angle. so to come on as a reliever and have that ability, bradford had that and went down with that submarine pitch. it takes hitters a couple times to see it and line it up. by then he's gone and somebody else is in.
9:28 pm
>> gary: parole freel a single, one for four in the game. butler has been the story of this game, five for five and 3 rbis. pena had an rbi single. freel a strikeout victim, two down. >> buck: good combination fast ball down and in, sweeping breaking ball away for the strikeout. watch how this breaks out of the zone. doesn't come close to it.
9:29 pm
>> gary: gordon grounded out in the ball game, two singles and a walk, hit .260 with kansas city last year, ended up with 16 home runs and 10 rbis. the hope was that this be could have been his break-through year year. >> gary: the orioles get a shot at it coming up. pa announcer: final boarding call... all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 mph... almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down.
9:30 pm
grab your bag . it's on™west so our low fares stay low. ( ding ) book now at
9:31 pm
 >> the court: soria the clo for kansas city onto pitch. >> buck: he's one of best in the american league. save opportunities with other teams, 15 saves, 35 strikeouts an just eight walks: he has a changeup, sidearm, curve ball. he's good good command.
9:32 pm
former al, a guy they had a lot of confidence in. adventure he's only had 17 chances. 16 out of 26 first batters, first pitch a little high. let's see what the orioles the do against him as thai get a shot. he's delivered a couple singles in the game. gordon in at third base against him. inside corner, 5-2. left half handers .200 against him, right- handers just .173. he's given up just one home run. he went around, home plate umpire says and makes the call.
9:33 pm
>> buck: that's the third ball we've talked about. you have to recollect the strike zone here. he went far enough. >> gary: that all-important first out to have the inning in the ninth. robinson 0 for 4 against the orioles this year. oriole need only one to get on to get the run to the plate. soria with a 1-3 on the way. let's bring you up to date and play of the game.
9:34 pm
jones on top by a big margin. still time to vote, a b or c and we'll have the results on the postgame show. one ball one strike soria. there's a heater. 1-2 count. that was a 90-mile-an-hour fast ball. >> buck: that was a 90-mile-an- hour fast ball. >> gary: soria delivers and it's falled become by roberts. error yeah in his career has gone 2 for 2 in save opportunities against the orioles. he's only worked four and a third innings against the orioles, given up no runs on one hit, no walks and six strikeouts.
9:35 pm
the 1-2, almost fell down. >> lost his footing and spun out of his delivery and the pitch was to be a changeup but no telling what it was. it slipped out of his hand whether he lost his footing. >> gary: now it's 2-2. >> buck: orioles are threatening to break it open, and chen really got out of a touch situation and saved himself the five innings. >> gary: big plays early in close games, you never know until later on. you get a sense at some point because you'll have a chance to blow a game open. when it doesn't get done, you
9:36 pm
have to get a rally going. soria battling here, fouled off. >> gary: timeout taken by roberts at the plate. making soria wait. jones in the hole. 3-2, roberts again fouls off. he's taken him far enough to figure out, i've thrown everything i've got. what am i going to use to get
9:37 pm
him out? >> he still has a two-run lead. you don't want to bring the tieing run to the plate but at the same time you have to throw a breaking ball. he throws it so well. >> gary: again the 3-2 delivery. two down. the battle won by soria and there are who away. so the oriole with an out to work with, nick markakis a walk, two strikeouts and a ground out, soria only one in his 0 for 1 against him. soria had 42 saves in 45
9:38 pm
opportunities last year, 74 career saves. nick markakis with an 0-1 count. robinson tejeda looking for the win in this game with relief. albers would be the losing pitcher for the orioles. that is outside, 1-1 on markakis. >> gary: markakis will take it. it's 1-2. soria on the verge of a shutout. it's a tough night for the orioles surrounding the five runs on 14 hits.
9:39 pm
the oriole getting their three so far and count goes to 2-2. tejeda just did a tremendous job coming on. only one hit in three innings and a strikeout. >> gary: 2-2 down to third, the throw got him. this one is in the books. kansas city comes away with a 5-3 victory in game one with a 14-hit attack. game two tomorrow, berken taking the mound against bannister. our coverage begins at 6:30 with o's extra followed by the game at 7:00. thank you for
9:40 pm
joining us, everybody. it was a battle through most of it until tejeda came on and shut the offense down. right now it's o's extra.   kansas city celebrating a victory in this series as butler has a four-hit d and the bull pen outstanding in this game tonight. it's kansas city getting to opener as the orioles return home for the first time following the all-star break and come up short. jim hunter and rick dempsey here, this is o's extra. liquid at the job of bruce chen, base runners all over the
9:41 pm
place, minimizing daniel, getting big outs, then the one- base hit was the first batter that tejeda faced. then the oriole 3 up and 3 down after that. >> the bull pen came nintendo solidified it. he just throw the ball over the plate. that really has everything to do with it. chen knows this lineup a little bit. he knows the veteran guys an kept them off speed with the curve billion and changeup all night long t. orioles didn't do enough hitting in this game to make it a factor. >> kansas city 14 base hits, winning 5-3. birds trail 1-0 in the bartholemew eugene letthand of the first. he gets that hanger out there off chen right at him, jones drills it right center.
9:42 pm
big shot center field, ties the game for the oriole in the first. orioles took a 2-1 lead into the third and teahen gives the roils a 3-2 lead. >> pretty good job going to opposite way on a fast ball up in the zone. bottom of the fifth, wieters bases loaded and two men down. he gets the base hit. however, huge play on the tailnd of this as reimold is gunned down at the plate. >> the throw is wide of the base at home plate and still maybes the tag there. the orioles will not able to get another run. >> there's a swinging bunt by pena with the go ahead run. kansas city wins 5-3, three
9:43 pm
runs on five hits for the oriole after playing so well at boston yesterday. albers the loss and soria pick up the save. right now we'll go back to the booth and welcome buck martinez. let's start with rich hill. everybody knows something has to happen. i'm not sure how, what did you see? he didn't give the orioles and effort that would encourage him to want to move forward. >> not at all. it's and approveuated start. it was his control, three walks and can't command the fast ball. that's creating a lot of problems not really him. butler, five hits in a game including this double, part of
9:44 pm
a three-double inning in which they could score a couple runs. i think the big thing, hill has to command his fast ball. somebody is going to command pitch. that is six starters for five spots. dave said type and time again, he won't use a six-man rotation at this point. hill 20 innings, 20 earned runs, hasn't gone a game since june in philadelphia. i think the fast ball command has been a real concern. this leads to a lot of owe walks. he walks four. tonight three walks, one walk scored tonight. you can't continue to have the starters coming out of the game. it puts too much burden on your bull pen. >> they almost feel like they
9:45 pm
have to blow them off assist field. allow them to come nintendo stay close for most of the ball game, not get the big hits they've been getting at home, and little things like that swinging bunt and they come back and win. i don't know what's happening. what go you see? >> what happens is when you go into chicago, then go to new york, fenway, you have a tendency to let down your guard when you see the royal come to on town. you have to be prepared to play every single night. in my mind the me mentum turned around in the second inning when chen struck out huff. more than anything i think you have to take the club seriously.
9:46 pm
now you have to deal with the prospects of facing bannister and greinke to finish out the series. they have both been throwing very well. >> in baseball the law of averages can be a dangerous thing. customer customer city had lost 11 of 12. for chen it's still a win because he did his job, gave them a chance to win. they took advantage of that and seized the moment. >> i think it was uplifting to them. they had a situation where they had chen with five innings. tejeda retired eight in a row. that's such a great feeling for this club. their starting pitching is pretty good. we know about greinke.
9:47 pm
so you can't take anything for granted. this club is anxious to crash and claw. they scored some runs tonight. >> now back at a time clubhouse to bring did you see postgame comments of manager dave trembley. >> we didn't make enough quality pitches late in the game. go ahead. that's something that'll not ready to say right now after this gape. the game just ended 15 minutes ago. i'm not ready to say that. >> you had opportunities as far as being able to have control and walked the leadoff hitter, walks the guy with .275 on base
9:48 pm
percentage. >> that's what i'm talking about. it's your first game here off a road trip. you won a big game yesterday. you think you have confidence going, little momentum going. the tempo of the game has to be established from the get-go. you have to go out a fast paced temple, throw strikes, put a zero up in the first inning. you can't fall mind the tempo an pace of the game. you want to get uruguays back in to hit. i thought bass did a very nice job trying to clang the tempo of the game, get it back on our side. i wish wieters didn't hit hit that one so hard right at freel. but we had some good at bats
9:49 pm
and then other guys on base that let chen off the hook. that's kind of it. >> do you think it's equal parts mechanics and confidence or just the pitching part, not confidence? >> i'm not sure, steve. i think you evaluate what you see. and you know, i think no matter who it is, it all starts with the able to command the fast ball, the able to throw strikes with a fast ball, the ability to make quality pitches with two strikes. i would say for the most part that didn't happen often enough tonight on his part.   >> both pitchers were comin into the game struggling.
9:50 pm
did you get a sense you wanted to come out and get a lead early against the guy that hasn't pitched well? >> yeah, we needed a couple big ones back to back for that to happen. and it didn't. we certainly had a couple opportunities there. but it didn't happen. >> you know, juan does a good job at third. reimold has been a good base runner. it's still early enough in the game with no outs i think that's the right call there. with to outs 50s what you do.
9:51 pm
>> dave trembley following the loss to kansas city. he's talking about the missed chances. orioles left eight men on in this game, all eight left on in the first five minutes then was on ground. in the second inning they had the bases loaded and scored one run on a hit by pitch with the bases loaded. that was the inning aubrey struck out. in the five innings, chen only had one lee up, three down inning. kansas city wins it 5-3. player of the game as voted on by the fans, adam jones 59% after hitting the home run tonight. he's the player of the game. buckman 17 percent on night. o's extra presented beaverson
9:52 pm
fireless continues. 
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
 >> we should have. i guess that's the best thick to explain tonight. we should have and we didn't. union, throw it away and come out tomorrow. >> obviously you're able to get the runners on base, able to
9:55 pm
get the hits. when to runners are in scoring position should be able to get in. tell me act what you saw out there. >> i've seen fast balls, changeups. he stayed in. he stayed up and in on me, kept us off ambulance. there was a lot of us off the end. like i said, throw it away. >> interesting at bat for you, come up and think you have a base hit with the bunt then you get the home run. >> as i look back, i'm like, what are you doing? you're in third, swing the bat. >> is it frustrating because you look at this today and you feel like this probably was the opportunity to really get after
9:56 pm
it? >> yeah. but at the same time you can give it up too. he's had a great year and he's not perfect. inch we can go out tomorrow and get him. >> thanks lot. >> thank you very much. i didn't know it was that easy. jones told himself, you're batting third, swing the bat, and he hit a home run. reimold has a four-game hitting streak and four consecutive multihit games. what are you seeing with his approach at the plate that's allowing him to be this consistent? >> he showed that when he cape to the big leagues too. four multihit games, six since the al break. he's settling in again like he did when he first came up. he's going with the pitch, going to opposite way. when they throw him the
9:57 pm
breaking ball, he's get to go hits. he's get to go bag hits and building confidence. he's a big factor on the bases tonight three times. that's what the orioles need, guys that can get on and do what he's been doing lately. >> reimold continues to get it down, 14 hits since the all- star break. he now has nine base hits in 13 at bats at four can you have melt hit games. and butler came in here and not only got a hit every time up, he went five for five in this. >> he's more of a fundamental hitter. he's big and strong at the same time. he gets jammed a little bit on this ball but he's still able to hit the line drive to left.
9:58 pm
he drives in the first run and continues on the night to slam every pitch the oriole throw up there. make a mistake on him, he'll make you pay. only four home runs on the season. you still have to make good quality pitches on this guy. he'll hurt you one way or another. he doesn't walk a lot. you can see what he did to the oriole all night long when they kept to ball up in the sloan outside. he did everything for them tonight. >> i hear you talk about confidence all the time. when you get that first base hit, first at bat, feel good about i. by the time you're 3 for 3 you're loose city goosy. where you are so relaxed up there, it doesn't matter what they thousand. uruguays just focus. when you can break it down into a simple factor, then don't
9:59 pm
worry about going back or when your front another hits down. it all of a sudden becomes easy to hit. >> royals get the opener in this four-game series. ♪
10:00 pm
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10:02 pm
 >> what we are seeing here the continued competition from within the organization. that is such a healthy thing to have. you don't want to see somebody at the big league level falter but if that happens, you have options. >> you have a lot of young guys down there. they are getting excited down there, throwing the ball over the plate, winning games, coming from a winning background. they are winning at double ark,
10:03 pm
triple a ball. we need to bring the winning up here to the major league lev. they've tasted the blood right now. they all want a shot at it. soon you'll have to look at job these guys are doing up here and make evaluations as to where we're going to go. >> kansas city wins 5-3. yankees are in the ninth with an 11-4 lead over tampa bay. blue jays with a 1-0 lead on seattle. texas and detroit in the eighth and rangers contending this year if the al west with a 5-2 lead and chicago and minnesota in the ninth, minnesota holding onto a 4-3 lead. indians an angels are scoreless in the second. tonight it was 5-3 kansas city over the oriole. announcer: what are you waiting for?
10:04 pm
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10:06 pm
 >> rich hill tonight lasted just 14 batters, seven reached. short timing a hill with the media. >> you know, taking the ball. i don't havefully regrets. i gun up land compete and want to pitch and want to take the ball. everybody who is is competitor wants to go outland take the mound. as selfish as that might be, i still think i can go out there and help the team now. unfortunately it hasn't come to fruition. we've just been hurting the team more than i've been helping it. >> what do you think is going to happen now? >> i don't know what's going to happen. it's not for me to say. the only thing i can do is continue to work hard and just
10:07 pm
keep going. >> we've been working hard during the week with rick and al and myself, fine tuning some things. it's worked out well. in the game it seems to go one, two innings then in the third inning, such doesn't seem to maintain or make noncompetitive pitches. i'm not saying i made bad pitches tonight. i think a few of those pitches to butler were inside and januaryed him. that's the way it goes. >> here is the matchup for tomorrow, game two of the series. >> bergen is looking for his second win. he won his debut. he's up against bannister, one
10:08 pm
very good game against the orioles. again, it's going to be battle for the orioles. >> oriole win tonight 5-3. we'll be back tomorrow. we'll see you tomorrow.
10:09 pm
10:10 pm
to the wall. ludwig goes back, leaps, makes the catch. an outstanding play and defense. a critical part of this game. great start, the balancele through, and great effort all the way around. >> and the new guys chipped in again. mark derosa hit a home run. matt halladay hit an r.b.i. double. derosa who has been a cardinal longer lugo and halladay certainly have all made an i am pocket and an impression on their new team. all have become regulars, and all are swinging the bat right now for tony la russa's cardinals as they win this game
10:11 pm
6-1. good job down there, guys. enjoyed it. hope you did as well. the cardinal as beat the dodgers here to open up this series. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. a's-red sox. boston has dropped 6 of 8. two and a half games behind new york in the a.l.... east. nomar garciaparra signing some autographs. dustin pedroia, fork 'em sun devils.. solo jack. up 1-0. final four now, 2-0 sox. two on. the new red sock, adam laroche. and laroche tags the green monster. jason bay, come on in. j.d. drew to third. sox up 3-0. boston endes up cruising to an 8-3 victory. now 34-15 at home this season. that is the best record in the bigs. oakland has lost nine of the last 11 games at fenway. he's lost 7 of the last ten games overall. >> with becketts win, he improves to 7-0 at fenway park.
10:12 pm
he and tim wakefield start the same season at least 7-0 at home. >> yankees and rays, james shields winless in his last six starts. yankees coming off a 9-1 homestand. first road game of the second half. robinson cano. his 15th of the year. hits 14 all of last year. but nick swisher. snapping a 22-game homerless drought. he hit two in this game. yankees win again. 11-4 the final. they are 10-1 since the all-star break. another strong outing by a.j. burnette. you you go back to early june, he was pulled in the third inning of the start against boston. after that, he said when i do get on that run, it's going to be impressive. i promises you that. since that start, 6-1. 1.6era. getting his tenth win tonight. >> michael vick might be able to play in games as early as october. commissioner roger goodell has
10:13 pm
conditionally reinstated him. full reinstatement will be decided on by week six. in the meantime, vick is free to sign with the team and can practice. >> first and most importantly i think we all want to recognize that the conduct that michael engaged in was not only horrific, but it was cruel. and we all certainly recognize that. and i believe after meeting with michael that he recognizes that also. >> we take this as a very serious matter. we're dealing with a young man's life. and we were -- our process was similarly reflective of the seriousness of that. as you know, he can sign now with an nfl team. he can practice without delay with an nfl team. he may play in the final two preseason games of this pr preseason. and once the regular season starts, he can practice if the team so chooses. and i will decide within those
10:14 pm
six weeks, within the first six weeks of the regular season when and whether he will be reinstated to play from there. >> here's what vick said. i'd like to express my gratitude and appreciation to commissioner goodell for allowing me to be readmitted to the national football league. i fully understand playing football in the nfl is a privilege, not a right. and i'm truly thankful for the opportunity i've been given. as you can imagine, the last two years have given me time to reevaluate my life. mature as an individual, and fully understand the terrible mistakes i've made in the past. and what type of life i must lead moving forward. here are the terms of michael vick's reinstatement. he can participate without delay in preseason practices, and make plays in his club's final preseason games. the first step is finding a team. he's free to do that as well. once the regular season begins, vick can participate in all his team's activities other than the games. in addition, tony dungy has
10:15 pm
agreed to continue his work with vick as advisor and mentor. >> espn sources say baseball commissioner bud selig hasn't changed his thinking on pete rose's suspension. earlier today, the daily news reported that selig was considering reinstatement for rose. selig may now be more willing to lift owe rose's lifetime suspension at least partially. as hank aaron boasts support for rose. espn sources also say selig is now currently considering reinstate many. >> i always thought that whatever pete rose did, and i thought that by asking for forgiveness, that we should look at it very carefully. you know, he's a terrific ballplayer, you know. and i'm not here advocating that he should be inducted into the hall of fame. but i am saying that, you know, we all have done some wrong some time. you know, i mean, really.
10:16 pm
all of us. all of us have done something that we are not -- we are ashamed of. but, you know, if that be the case, then pete asks for forgiveness, that's what we ought to look at. >> rose certainly boasts a hall of fame caliber resume. first all time in major league baseball in games played. plate appearances. at-bats. hits and singles. furthermore, he's second all time in doubles, and sixth all time in rub runs. he's also rookie of the year mvp. and world series mvp during his career. >> still to come on espnews, there is news about plaxico burress's future. why the wide receiver could be looking at more time behind bars. we have the very latest. >> phillies are still talking to the jays about roy holliday. find out if both sides are any closer to making the trade. and a bizarre rift between the gm and daily news writer.
10:17 pm
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>> welcome back to espnews, presented by sprint. >> updating you on the indians and the angels. right now the angels are leading 3-2 in the bottom of the second. the angels hit back-to-back to back home runs. rivera, and napoli all went deep. all three solo shots. those are the difference, the
10:20 pm
halos are trying to hang on to their one-run lead in the top of the third. >> more long ball exploits. this coming off of the nationals. 13-6. they're leading. bottom of the 7th. josh willingham. hitting not one, but two grand slams. now it's 4 career grannies in his career. and willingham has tied an mlb record with two grand slams in one game. here it is. willingham is the 13th player to do so. but he's just the third in national league history. he joins fernando tatis who hit two grand slams in one inning. >> it was today, too, or he hit just one? >> he hit just one. fernando tatis hit his grand slams against chang hoe park, who always seems to give up up home runs that are always significant. >> elsewhere,'s jason stark is reporting that the bluejays and phillies continue to talk about a deal that would send roy hal aday to
10:21 pm
philadelphia. but a source with knowledge of the discussion say those talks are not going well. >> daily news reporter adam reuben showed up to cover a mets news conference this afternoon. when it was over, the writer was the one surrounded by microphones. mets gm omar manaya call aid press conference to announce the firing of team executive tony bernazard. reuben first broke the story that bernazard took off his shirt and challenged the double double-a team to a fight. manaya claimed reuben wrote the story so he could land a job with the mets. reuben called that idea despicable. >> in the process when the reports came out i had to kind of tell myself, wow. these things are coming out. and i say this because coming from adam reuben, okay, and adam you got to understand this. adam for the past couple of
10:22 pm
years has lobbied for a player development position. he has lobbied myself, he has lobbied tony. so when these things came out, i was kind of a little bit i had to think about it. and i was a little bit, you know, somewhat kind of we've got to find out about this. we've really got to do a thorough investigation of this. >> he lobbied with you. >> yes. >> and with tony to work in the organization? >> yes, and others. so that kind of was something that, you know, when the reports came out, we had to kind of expedite this and find out about it. >> the investigation had started before that. i had asked omar to look into the incident on the bus, and to look into some of the other incidents that had happened. and we had been before that doing an investigation internally with hr into the merits of tony's relationship with some of the staff. >> jeff, how long has that
10:23 pm
investigation been going on? >> two or three weeks prior to this incident. the incident in binghamton. >> did you share omar's concern about adam's report at the beginning because the way it was brought up? >> i don't understand. >> did you share the concerns about the conflict of interest concerns over these reports when he first brought them up? >> that didn't come up until today. >> he said that you once had a conversation with you about you inviting him possibly to talk about something. did you ever share that with omar going into today's press conference? >> no, not today. but i did have the conversation with adam. and what adam said is correct. we did have a conversation on career advice. and i don't think there's anything wrong with that for adam to come to me with that and speak to me. we were having an impromptu conversation somewhere. had numerous with other guys here. and i believe that adam was just doing what anybody else does.
10:24 pm
i get a call a week, probably on somebody looking for career advice. >> what i said was adam over time has lobbied for a job. he has asked to work in the organization. i stand by that. >> on the field, the mets actually looked like a functional group. down 3-2 against the rockies. at home in the>> sixth. corey sullivan, in the last five years with colorado, lines out to right. but david wright throws from right field. and the mets tied the game at 3 in the eighth. you mentioned josh willingham, a two grand slams. tatis once had two in a game, two in an inning against chang hoe park. >> yes, as you mentioned. for every major home run, he is there. >> you name it. >> with a grand slam there in the eighth. giving the mets a 7-3 lead. and they hang on to win 7-3. going to throw out a name from the mid 90's. >> joe oars latch. >> i haven't heard that name in
10:25 pm
a while. >> he hit a pinch hit grand slam at shea stadium. the last met to hit a pinch hit grand slam at home. for tatis, how about jeff francoeur. three homers, 15 ribbies in 13 games with the amazein's? >> great ending between the white sox and the twins. down 4-3 in the ninth. carlos quentin, leaps at the wall to make the catch. and save extra bases at least. the twins hang on for a 4 will have 3 win. the white sox 2-11 at the metrodome over the last two seasons. they haven't won a series there since september of 2007. perkins gets his first quality start in his last four outings of the the last eight earned runs in just one inning in his last start, much better today. seven innings and three earned runs. >> as for plaxico burress, he and his attorney have been
10:26 pm
discussing whether the giants wideout will testify before the grand jury. this from sal paolantonio. the manhattan d.a. though told the "new york post" prosecutors want burress to serve two years in prison. sal pal with more on the d.a.'s comments. >> it's pretty unorthodox for a d.a., especially one who is this experienced to try to make comments that could, in fact, prejudice the sitting grand jury. we know for fact that the grand jury has been empanelled and the case his been heard by the grand jury. that came out about a week ago as we were anticipating an indictment would come down by the end of the month. but none has come down. from what i am hearing from my sources in this case the d.a. is very disappointed in the grand jury proceedings and maybe trying to induce the grand jury as well as antonio pierce into getting more cooperation of bo both. >> quotes from burress's attorney.
10:27 pm
>> still do to come, that's more on michael vick's conditional reinstatement. where will vick likely land? where will vick likely land? p top sto more cash over here! it's much easier to find money at esurance. great auto insurance rates and lots of discounts!
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judgment, my decision is that a sotomayor vote on the court, the supreme court, will be another boat for the new kind of ideological judging, not the kind of objectivity and restraint that is served our legal system and our nation so well. thus, i am unable to give my consent to this nomination. madam president, i thank the chair and would yield the floor.
10:30 pm
>> 56 years ago fidel castro led an assault on an army barracks in santiago, cuba. on sunday cuban president raul castro, brother of fidel castro, addressed thousands, marking the anniversary of cuba's revolution. he also talked about cuba's current economic challenges. this 35 minute even this courtesy of cuba vision television. [speaking spanish] >> translator: fighters of july 26, 1953. [applause] of the rebel army in the
10:31 pm
clandestine fight and also i welcome the glorious internationalist teams, relatives of our fallen heroes, men and women of holquin. [applause] compatriots, i would like to start by asking a question because of my own personal interest. you know that i am from holquin. and i am entitled, and therefore i am entitled to poke around. and, i would like to know who from holquin had the bright idea of putting the sun behind me.
10:32 pm
it doesn't bother me, but i am sure that none of you can see me you see a shadow, may be. that is me. [applause] and, for these reasons, on this festivity in author of the 56 anniversary of the attack on the barracks, my speech will be a very brief one. because-- because of the heat we have had during this year's summer, even though we started earlier than on previous occasions, we started at
10:33 pm
7:00 a.m., and knowing that from 6:00 a.m., all of you were here. [applause] and, most of you came on foot from your homes in this area. last night, while i watched briefly the television, i already saw people celebrating this anniversary. but, in addition, there is that sun and that someone put in front of you that is very hot and for those reasons i will be brief. in the next few days, we will beholding important meetings
10:34 pm
that will set the stage to analyze complex issues at length. the first one will be a meeting of the council of ministers the day after tomorrow, devoted to discuss the second adjustment to the expenditures of the plan for this year, because of the impact of the world economic crisis on our economy. and, especially the significant drop in export revenues and the additional restrictions to have access to external financing. you know that for 11 days i have been traveling in various
10:35 pm
countries of that friendly country, africa, and i participated as president until just a few days ago of the non-aligned movement. i turned over the presidency to the president of v-chip, and therefore the time i have is a brief, is tight because of all these important meetings and the various topics we will be discussing. after the meeting of the council of the ministers on july 29, we will beholding the central committee of the party, during which the whole day, according to the official program and agenda, we will discuss vital issues having to do with the situation of our country and of the world.
10:36 pm
and then finally, on august 1st, there will be in regular session of the national assembly at which time, among other issues, we will be discussing the new draft law for new office of the general comptroller of the republic, which is a body that will contribute to apply strictly our current legislation and will increase controlling activities in all of these structures of leadership in our country. this year, the selection of the venue for this celebration did not follow the established criteria. it would not have been
10:37 pm
reasonable to look solely at compliance with certain goals when, since september of last
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